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Attorney Nick Woodward has over 15 years of experience and provides one-on-one, individualized direction for individuals seeking a divorce attorney.

Guidance For Individuals Concerned About Property Division

If you are concerned about the fate of your property in your divorce, seeking an experienced property settlement lawyer is very important. Nick Woodward has over a decade of experience helping Tulsa divorcing parties resolve all types of property disputes. He can help you:

  • Decipher your assets, by helping to determine which of your property will be considered marital and which property will fall outside your marital estate.
  • Valuate your family business, by offering guidance on options available for your specific business and situation, such as liquidation or valuation.
  • Divide retirement accounts, by protecting your interests in an IRA, 401(k) or pension and helping you obtain a qualified domestic relations order to gain access to these accounts.

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24/7 Availability

You will always be able to reach me to get answers and updates to your case. You will have my cellphone number if you need to reach me about your divorce.

Skilled Negotiator And Litigator

I have extensive experience resolving divorce cases in and out of court. Whether you wish to proceed through mediation or through litigation, I can help.

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Cost-Effective Services That Mirror A High-Priced Firm

Your divorce doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Family law attorney Nick Woodward has the knowledge and experience that lawyers at high-priced firms provide, but without the expensive fees many charges.

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