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The decision to divorce is very emotional and exhausting, and it is even more so if you have significant assets to divide or expect to make custody plans for your children.

Regardless of the circumstances, a divorce often leaves individuals feeling vulnerable, as their whole life will soon be scrutinized in court.

I am family law attorney, Nick K. Woodward at Woodward Law Firm PLLC in Tulsa. With over 15 years of experience, I have handed both contested and uncontested divorce matters for individuals in Tulsa, Wagoner County and throughout the state of Oklahoma.

My ultimate goal is to make the divorce process as easy as possible so you can move on with your life with confidence.

Financial Matters In An Oklahoma Divorce

In addition to the dissolution of the marriage itself, other legal matters need resolution through litigation or negotiation to achieve a complete divorce agreement, such as financial matters.

Equitable spousal maintenance and adequate resources necessary to raising a child are often paramount to a divorce and are important to address. They can affect your financial footing for the rest of your life. At my firm, I often assist with:

Advocacy For Children

An Oklahoma divorce should also not preclude your children from receiving the monetary and familial support that they deserve. I regularly advocate for the best interests of children to receive adequate subsidies and family connections through:

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