Experienced Representation To Help You Divide Retirement Assets In Your Oklahoma Divorce

Equitable Division Of Retirement Assets In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is an equitable division state when it comes to dividing assets in a divorce. This simply means that assets are not divided 50-50 but equitably and fairly. Each court will vary as to how assets are divided.

When dividing retirement assets, including IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions or brokerage accounts, the court will usually not consider funds you saved before your wedding date.

There are exceptions, however, so it pays to have a divorce lawyer who is skilled at fighting strategically for your fair share of all assets, especially retirement funds.

More Than 15 Years Of Experience

I am family law attorney Nick K. Woodward and have been handling family law matters, including asset division for individuals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and surrounding communities for over 15 years.

I routinely talk to individuals who are divorcing and are concerned about their financial future when they retire, and for a good reason.

What Is A QDRO?

In Oklahoma, retirement plan administrators can provide each former spouse direct access to their share of funding via a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). The order contains a legal requirement for cooperation by investment plans and can be a complicated document. Your QDRO could vary depending on what type of investment is divided, so make sure that you understand its full tax ramifications.

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