Understanding Child Custody Arrangements In Oklahoma

The thought of working out a child custody agreement with a soon to be ex-spouse makes many people extremely wary.

I am Oklahoma family law attorney, Nick K. Woodward, and I have helped individuals with child custody and related child matters for many years.

My Commitment To You

At my firm, I take pride in making sure my clients are in frequent communication with me about their case. My goal is to alleviate your discomfort in any way I can. I will make sure you are always up to date on the status of your case as it is relates to your children and other family law matters.

Helping You Through The Negotiation Process

I have also helped many parents find child custody and visitation solutions via negotiation. If both parents are willing to fully cooperate for their children’s benefit, negotiating an acceptable agreement that is conducive to a well-adjusted childhood is possible. Through my experience, children tend to do better if both parents are involved in their lives.

Potential Custody Options

Every family’s situation is different. Fortunately, Oklahoma family law regulations support a wide variety of custody options:

  • Sole custody — one parent gets decision-making responsibilities and custody of the child
  • Joint custody — both decision-making for the child and physical care get shared
  • Split custody — each parent gets primary custody of at least one child

Bird Nesting

Another custody option that is not as widely used is called bird nesting. In this arrangement, the children stay in a central residence while each parent shares custody by alternately living in the home during their custody period.

Deciding On Visitation

Visitation arrangements are another layer on the custody determination process. A visitation arrangement can be worked out by the parties themselves, or at the discretion of the court, may include alternating holidays, weekend or weekday agreements.

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