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Second marriages, prenups increasingly common

The number of people who are remarrying after their first marriages is on the uptick, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. The study shows that around 66% of people between 55 and 64 years old who have been previously married are getting remarried. That figure was approximately 50% in the 1960s. People in Oklahoma who are considering a second marriage should consider certain matters to ease financial tensions.

Documents women investors may need before a divorce

Many newlyweds in Oklahoma have visions of spending a lifetime together. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. If a marriage does come to an end, however, women investors with assets to protect are often advised to focus on their finances to make the transition back to single life less problematic. One way this goal can be accomplished is by having the right documents in place before beginning the divorce process.

Protecting credit after a divorce

When people in Oklahoma decide to divorce, they are often aware that the financial effects of the separation will be significant. After all, major assets like the family home or retirement funds will need to be divided. However, the financial aspects of divorce can move beyond the direct effects of property division. Many people may not consider their credit as part of a divorce, but it can be a significant issue. If a spouse does not take action to protect their credit scores, they may witness serious damage during a divorce.

Steps to take after a divorce is finalized

When people get divorced, there may be a series of events that need to take place after their marriages officially end. For instance, it may be necessary for Oklahoma residents and others to change the name that is displayed on official documents. These documents may include a credit card, bank statement or driver's license. It is also a good idea to change beneficiary designations on retirement accounts and other assets that currently have them.

New investment vehicle presents new challenges in divorce

Divorce attorneys in Oklahoma are used to cases involving different types of assets in the martial estate, from real estate and small businesses to retirement accounts and mutual funds. But a new type of asset presents unique problems in dividing martial assets: Cryptocurrency has a unique set of challenges.

The rise in grey divorces

Many Oklahomans may be part of the rising trend of grey divorces, aka splits that involve spouses over age 50. According to research, the overall rate of divorce in the United States has steadily declined over the last two decades. However, the rate for gray divorces has increased during the same time.

Tips for preparing for a divorce

People in Oklahoma should take steps to improve the likelihood that their divorce will go relatively smoothly throughout the stages of filing, discovery and disposition. Although some issues cannot be resolved without going into litigation, other divorces can be settled with mediation or a collaborative divorce. Preparation should help with any of these outcomes.

Main reasons for a divorce

As any married couple in Oklahoma knows, maintaining a marriage is hard work. It requires patience; compromise; and, occasionally, sacrifice. That being said, it is also worth it in the long run, especially if the married couple makes each other happy. However, in order to keep a marriage going, individuals need to know the main elements that lead to the deterioration of a marriage as well as how to best handle them.

Marriages more likely to end when wives get sick

Some couples in Oklahoma don't give all that much thought to the "in sickness and in health" part of traditional wedding vows. After all, not too many spouses mind occasionally having to pamper or tend to a mate who's a bit under the weather. However, when a serious illness occurs, it can sometimes place a major strain on a marital relationship. Specifically, it's women with health problems who are more likely to experience the end of a marriage than men.

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