Handling co-parenting during school vacations

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Child Custody & Support

If you have school-aged children, then you may run into an issue if you don’t have a good schedule in place for the school vacations planned each year. Summer break is the most expansive break for most parents, and it can be hard to navigate. If you have younger children but are also a single parent, trying to adjust your schedule and make sure there is someone there to watch your child can be tough.

Fortunately, talking about co-parenting and working out a schedule in advance may help you get through busier-than-usual times of year and make sure your child or children are getting the care they need at all times.

Co-parenting and summer break: Adjusting work schedules

For some parents, summer isn’t as difficult as it is for others. Their workplaces may offer daycare services, or they may be able to switch to a work-from-home schedule for a few months. For others, the summer break is frustrating because they have to maintain their work schedule while also finding additional child care options.

One good idea is to sit down with your ex-spouse and talk about your schedules for the longer school breaks before they happen. If you find that there are a few days when neither of you can be free, call on a loved one, like a parent, and see if they’d be comfortable watching your child on those days. Other options may be to invest in a summer camp, options for summer schooling or hiring in a babysitter on the days when you’ll be at work.

How often do you need to adjust your schedule?

You may need to adjust every summer, or you may find that you don’t need to make adjustments at all. Make sure you keep the lines of communication open, so that your child’s other parent knows what to expect and is working towards the same solutions as you are.

Although custody can sometimes get a little frustrating because of the time limitations, being upfront about your schedule may help you and the other parent work out a plan that best provides for your child.