Should your custody revolve around nesting?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Divorce

Nesting is a unique kind of custody in which parents share one household with their child and hold separate households on days when they do not have custody. Nesting is a unique manner of raising a child after divorce, because it helps keep them in the family home while placing the burden of traveling between homes on the parents.

This type of custody may not work for everyone, but it can work well in situations where a child needs a stable environment and cannot be moved often, such as if they have a disability or need to remain in the area for schooling when no other local homes are available for the parents.

What should you think about before deciding if nesting is right for your family?

Nesting can work wonderfully, but only if it’s financially sound. When you decide to nest, the main family home will still need to be paid for. If you have a mortgage, that may need to be covered by one or both parties on top of extra rent for an apartment or separate home.

Nesting may be a good idea if it’s a short-term solution. For example, if your child has one year left of school before going to college, keeping them in one place might make sense. Similarly, if neither you or your ex-spouse has a home ready for your child, then keeping the family home until you’re prepared to move them is a good idea.

You should also determine if you and your ex-spouse can work together easily or not. If you can, then you may not have any problem sharing the space. If you don’t get along, though, switching spots in the home may cause further issues, since you’ll see each other more often and still be responsible for taking care of a shared space.

Thinking about nesting as a custody option?

If you are considering nesting, your attorney can talk to you more about it and other kinds of custody options. The right choice should be the one that works for everyone involved and that is in the best interests of your child.