How to choose a child custody exchange site

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Now that your divorce has concluded and you are splitting custody of your kids with your ex-spouse, you can focus on your post-divorce family. Naturally, you are likely to encounter some problems you must solve. Picking a custody exchange location is one of them. 

Your custody agreement or parenting plan may indicate where you meet your former partner to pick up and drop off your children. If so, you should comply with the terms of the order. However, your agreement may be silent on the exchange location. Here are three tips for picking an appropriate site: 

1. Pick a neutral place

In the immediate aftermath of a divorce, emotions can be raw. Finding a neutral site to exchange the kids may help minimize arguments. Your child’s school, a library or a public park are good options. You should probably not pick either parent’s home. If you cannot agree on a neutral location, you may need to ask a judge to settle the dispute for you. 

2. Consider the weather

Oklahoma can be both unbearably hot and unbelievably cold. While you should always dress your children appropriately, you do not want to wait outside in inclement weather. Accordingly, consider picking a place that has shelter and lighting. 

3. Think about distance

If you and your former partner do not live near each other, distance is apt to be a major consideration when choosing an exchange location. As such, you may want to designate a site that is at the midpoint between your residence and your children’s co-parent’s house. On the other hand, if either you or your ex-spouse lacks reliable transportation, someone may need to travel further to reach the exchange location. 

A few considerations go into picking a good place to exchange the kids. Fortunately, you do not have to leave the location to chance. With some effort and a bit of compromise, you can choose the right spot for picking up and dropping off the young ones in your family.