Understanding Oklahoma child custody laws

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The divorce process can be a taxing endeavor – disagreements, discovery, mediation and court hearings can be mentally and physically overwhelming. Now add child custody to all of that. That’s why it’s important to understand your state’s child custody laws.

In Oklahoma, the court determines custody based on the best interests of the child. They come to this conclusion by factoring which situation is best for the child’s physical and mental well-being and which parent is more open to allowing the other parent to have recurrent contact with the child.

ther Oklahoma child custody laws revolve around joint custody, domestic violence and modified custody.

Joint Custody

Joint custody occurs when the court grants custody to both parents. The court can consider a request for joint legal custody and/or joint physical custody. No matter if one of both parents request joint custody, anyone who request joint custody must provide a parenting plan to the court. This plan is meant to convey how each parent will handle their share of the child-raising responsibilities. This plan should include living arrangements, child support, medical and dental care, visitation rights and school placement.

The court can choose to accept, modify or reject the parenting plan.

Domestic violence

I the case of domestic violence, the courts in Oklahoma will push against joint custody of the child. If the child is assigned to only one parent, the court, based on the elements of each base, will sometimes consider supervised visitation for the other parent.

Modified child custody

If either parent decides that they want a different child custody arrangement, they must prove that a modified custody order in in the best interests of the child.

An Oklahoma family law attorney specialized in one-on-one representation can provide expert guidance on how to handle your divorce and child custody issues.