Valid Reasons for Modifying a Child Custody Arrangement

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Child Custody & Support

In Tulsa, a child custody arrangement does not always work. Sometimes, a parent may need to ask the court for a child custody modification. However, the parent needs to have a good reason for the change because a judge may prefer to abide by the original arrangement. A judge is likely to grant a child custody & support modification request if the parent can prove that the child’s life is in danger.

A judge considers whether the parent with legal custody is guilty of domestic violence and if the danger is an immediate threat to the child’s life. Another valid reason is when a parent wants to relocate to a city that is far away from the child’s current home. The court may consider modifying the custody arrangement if the move makes it impossible for the child to see their non-custodial parent.

A court must alter a child custody arrangement if the custodial parent dies. In this situation, a judge decides if the non-custodial parent is capable of raising the child. Sometimes, the court appoints another person as the child’s custodian. Some valid reasons include whether the new custodial location is far away from the child’s immediate family and if the child wants to stay with the other person. In addition, the court may award custody to someone other than a parent if the parent does not earn decent wages.

Since the court must act in the best interests of a child, one or more valid reasons for requesting a child custody modification may persuade a judge to approve the request. A parent with a valid request for a child custody & support modification might wish to make an appointment with a family law lawyer. An attorney may provide helpful counsel when it is time to negotiate with the court.