Tips for preparing for a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2019 | Divorce

People in Oklahoma should take steps to improve the likelihood that their divorce will go relatively smoothly throughout the stages of filing, discovery and disposition. Although some issues cannot be resolved without going into litigation, other divorces can be settled with mediation or a collaborative divorce. Preparation should help with any of these outcomes.

First, people should make sure they really want to go through with the divorce as the process can be difficult and stressful. Each person should also research state law on divorce. Organizing financial paperwork and creating a post-divorce budget are important as people think about their goals for life after the divorce. Having a budget and goals in mind can help a person think realistically about what to ask for in the divorce.

Any joint accounts should be closed, and each spouse should get copies of their credit reports. If there are children, parents will need to think about the best custody arrangement. They should keep in mind that this arrangement should be one that benefits the children. People should also consider whether they need other professionals besides an attorney. For example, some people might want a therapist. Whether or not they work with a therapist, divorcing spouses should take steps to take care of themselves during the process.

People who are considering a divorce might want to consider contacting a Tulsa, Oklahoma divorce law firm. An attorney may be able to assist a person with a number of complex issues related to the divorce. For example, if there are retirement accounts that must be divided, some may require a document called a qualified domestic relations order. It might also be necessary to negotiate child support, and if one spouse has a significantly higher income than the other, spousal support may be an issue.