Avoiding real estate mistakes when divorcing

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Divorce

Oklahoma couples who are in the process of getting divorced should remember not to make mistakes when it comes to keeping or selling their homes. Many couples put off selling their houses and end up facing legal headaches as a result.

Some couples choose not to sell their home because one of the spouses is attached to it, or it would upset the children. In these cases, many couples choose to have one spouse stay in the home. While this is a viable option for couples who would rather not sell, there are some drawbacks. For example, if the spouse who moved out stays on the deed, he or she could be held financially responsible if the other person can no longer afford the mortgage payment. There may also be issues if one spouse decides to sell the home, and the other person disagrees. For these reasons, some couples choose to sell their house as soon as the divorce is finalized, ensuring each spouse gets his or her fair share.

Nesting is another option for couples with children. Nesting means that the parents take turns staying in the house while the children reside there full-time. This can help provide stability for the children, but one expert notes that nesting is stressful and should not usually last more than a year or two.

Oklahoma couples that are getting divorced should consider working with a Tulsa, Oklahoma, divorce law firm that is known for having experience in family law and property division. An attorney may be able to represent a spouse in court and convince a judge or mediator to allow him or her to keep or sell the house.