The value of being a good parent after divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Child Custody & Support

The typical marriage has about a 50/50 chance of ending in divorce. When a marriage ends, it can have an impact on both children and parents alike. Therefore, it is important that Oklahoma parents are able to get past any issues that they have with their former partners and focus on the needs of their children. Generally speaking, children will model the behaviors that are passed down from their parents.

This can have a profound impact on how they function in relationships when they become adults. If a parent is able to compromise and solve problems with a former spouse, the children will learn how to handle their own problems effectively. In many cases, kids can adjust faster to a divorce if their parents are able to work together after a marriage ends. Someone who has been divorced can be an effective parent even if they don’t get along with their ex.

Parents may be able to get past their personal issues with each other by treating child rearing like a business arrangement. Ideally, each person will allow the other to have a relationship with the child that is relatively free of meddling or other undue influence. When appropriate, one parent can involve the other in child activities.

Those who are dealing with child custody and support issues may benefit from seeking the advice of a legal professional. Doing so may help a parent learn more about what the law says about how to obtain additional rights or enforce an existing agreement. Generally speaking, both custody and child support orders may be modified if warranted. When creating or modifying an order, a judge will look to do what is in the child’s best interests.