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How good of a place is Tulsa for families?

What challenges and opportunities arise for parents when it comes to raising a family is affected by a wide range of things. This includes where their family lives. Communities vary in how family-friendly they are.

How family-friendly is Tulsa? Not as much as one might hope, a recent report suggests.

The report in question is a WalletHub report that ranked 182 U.S. cities on how well-suited they are as a place to raise a family. Tulsa was among these cities.

How did Tulsa do? Well, it failed to make it into the top 100 and thus was well within the bottom half of the ranked cities. Specifically, it was ranked 105th. This was much worse than the ranking for the one other city from Oklahoma in the report: Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City was ranked 57th.

Five different categories of factors were looked at in this report’s effort to gauge family-friendliness. Here is how Tulsa ranked within these categories:

  • Family fun – 44th
  • Affordability – 57th
  • Socio-economics – 107th
  • Education and child care – 141th
  • Health and safety – 177th

What are your thoughts on this report’s assessment of Tulsa’s family-friendliness? What do you think is the best thing the city has to offer families? What do you think is the most challenging thing about Tulsa for families? What do you think could help make the city more family-friendly?

Now of course, in any community, not all families are the same. Every family has its own unique circumstances which can affect what sorts of issues for it arise when it comes to things like the raising of children. One thing that can have a very big impact in this regard is a divorce. When parents end a marriage, there are all kinds of important issues to address that can have major impacts on a family’s future, including child support and child custody. Skilled attorneys can advise parents in the Tulsa area who are getting divorced on what they can do to protect their goals for their family and children when navigating such legal matters.

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