How Is Alimony Determined In Oklahoma?

When you are facing divorce, your finances change quickly. You need expedient solutions to maintain your lifestyle and move on after your divorce is finalized.

There are two types of spousal support connected to the divorce process that the state of Oklahoma recognizes:

  • Spousal maintenance: This is a type of spousal support that is temporary, lasting from the divorce filing to its final judgment.
  • Alimony: This is an order for support that is part of the divorce judgment. It is paid from one ex-spouse to another in regular installments or as one lump sum.

The circumstances of each spouse and the ability of each to support themselves and family members are considered by the court when determining divorce maintenance.

Length Of Support

The length of time that alimony payments are required varies. The tenure of payments can get set at the time of the divorce decree or are brought on by life events such as the remarriage or death of the receiving ex-spouse.

Modification Of Support

Either ex-spouse can file a support modification request. The request for modification to increase or decrease the level of alimony must include evidence that there has been a change in income or living situation.

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