About Family Law Attorney Nick K. Woodward

I am a family law attorney, Nick K. Woodward and the founder of Woodward Law Firm PLLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Over 15 Years Of Experience

I have been handling family law and related legal matters for over 15 years. I offer a full range of family law services such as divorce, child custody, support issues and property division.

I am an experienced lawyer and litigator and have negotiated many agreements via mediation and outside of court. I provide my clients with knowledgeable, effective representation they need to move forward with their lives.

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Experienced Representation Without The High Law Firm Price

I understand my clients are conscious about the price of legal services. At my firm, I provide experienced representation without the steep price of an expensive firm.

One-On-One Representation

I also take pride in offering one-on-one guidance for every client I represent. I will never hand your case over to an inexperienced paralegal, secretary or associate. I will always know the status of your case and remain dedicated to keeping you updated every step of the way.

Reach Out Today

If you need help with your divorce, child custody matter or have questions about dividing marital assets, such as a family business or retirement portfolio, I invite you to reach out to my firm.

Call my law firm at 539-777-2802 or fill out my online form today. I will help tailor a strategy and seek a solution that fits your goals.

Free consultations.